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It's more than mind games and microtransactions

More than instant gratification and casual encounters

More than meaningless matches and disposable dates

slow it down

invest in happiness

trust the process

You can choose to exit the treadmill of endless swiping and lukewarm first dates that lead nowhere. Take time to think mindfully about what you value in a partner. Write it down, if that helps!

 Dating sites that  perform real matchmaking start by asking a long list of simple-but-crucial questions. These aren't just busy-work; this is time and effort well-spent. In both relationships and algorithms, you get OUT what you put in.

You're used to matching yourself based on looks alone, but now it's compatibility that counts.  Once your matches are revealed, try saying YES to dates outside your comfort zone.  This may be the start of a  story you tell your grandkids one day!

Looking for deep connections in a shallow dating scene?

If "more" is what's missing from your love life:

 a) A lifetime of lukewarm dates
b) one breathtaking date - that lasts a lifetime
if you prefer option b:

The Choice Is Yours: 

If "more" is what's missing from your love life:

invest in happiness

slow it down

trust the process

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Also known as the "Tinder Effect," studies have found that the staggering number of romantic partners offered by these popular apps only results in  muddled decision-making, analysis paralysis, "buyers remorse," and decreased relationship satisfaction.

Not so long ago, matchmaking sites made meeting date-able singles dramatically easier.  Then, swiping apps came along and made it TOO easy - which introduced some sinister side effects.

the fatigue is real

  In a nutshell? You're not swiping your way toward the altar; only further away from it  .

These deceptively harmless apps also re-trained our brains to make the game feel more rewarding than the goal.  The satisfaction derived from a committed relationship now gets eclipsed by the rush of dopamine enjoyed each time a new match is "scored".

dating the                               way

it's not about swiping